Our GOAL is to raise $10k by October 10th.  From 10/1 through 10/10, we are asking for a $10 donation to support the Mission of the Logan Strong Foundation.  After you make your donation, tag 10 friends, family members, coworkers, etc…. to also donate and then do the same with 10 of their friends, etc., etc.  How you tag them is up to you!  And don’t feel you need to stop at only 10 tags, tag as many as you like. Use Facebook, LinkedIn, send an email, call them, send a message attached to a helium balloon!  Get the word out however you can.   The power of TEN is incredible…

OK! I’m in, what’s next, you ask?

Visit the $10 4 $10k Event page on our website or Text 44944 the phrase 10410k and follow the prompts to make your donation.   Then share, share, share….  Each day at 10:10pm on Facebook, LinkedIn and via our Newsletter, the total amount donated will be shared.

 On October 10th at 10:10pm, two winners will be randomly chosen to receive a cash* prize, equal shares from 10% of the proceeds.   The higher the donation totals, the bigger the payout…. Remember, it’s 10% of the total amount raised as of 10/10! Make sure you enter your email address.

Proceeds from the event will continue to allow the Logan Strong Foundation to support their mission of helping local childhood cancer patients and their families during both inpatient and outpatient treatments by providing items needed for comfort, entertainment and improved health.   The Logan Strong Foundation works very closely with The Melodies Center at Albany Medical Center.   *Cash Prize will be awarded in the form of a check.  10% split between the two winners, will be based on the value of the donations as of Sunday, 10/10 at 10:10pm.

The Logan Strong Foundation is a registered 501c3 nonprofit.

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